Why FABLES? Hassle-Free Transition: We have a mass-uploader tool that allows you to upload and edit hundreds of episodes simultaneously. If you're too busy, we can even upload your entire archive, set up the way you want for you. Earn More: Keep 100% of the revenue from three ad spots on your comic page. Use them for ads, your website, Patreon, or shop. FABLES has its own set of ads as well, but your ad spots belong to you. Creator-Driven Development: Your feedback shapes our platform. We’re building FABLES to suit your needs. We are building a tool that allows us Creators to manage our series, our brand, and our audiences. No Exclusivity: You retain full ownership of your work and can publish elsewhere as you see fit. Join Our Community: Connect with fellow creators on our Discord server https://discord.gg/7FZdJk4zwN. Share experiences and help shape the future of FABLES. Pre-Launch Opportunity: Get set up before our official launch and start with a bang! If you would like to join, contact us using the TWC Contact Form and we will send you an access code so you can access FABLES today!